Client Testimonials

I just appreciate so much all you did for my aunt. She thought you were wonderful and talked about her "real estate agent" all the time! I know she would be pleased with the buyer of her condo. Thanks for all your help and thanks for your kindness to me and my family.
- M.R.
Thanks for everything you did! You made my first homebuying experience easy!
- S.H.
Thank you It is only fitting that my 4 year stay in North Carolina will always be flanked by memories of you--start to finish. You have been such a blessing, from the day I first called you and left a message on your cell phone. You've helped me through the purchase and the sale of my very first home, and at each step you always went above and beyond your "job description". Thank you for always fielding my hysterical phone calls- I always felt better after we talked, (never mind that you always had a solution to my problem, no matter what it was!) Thank you Michele!
- E.L.
I can't thank you enough for all your hard work. Please know that you always have a "beach house" if you'd like to come for a visit.
- S.G
Your patience and persistence paid off both in the buying and selling of my condo. I couldn't have been more pleased to have worked with you each time. Thank you for going above and beyond to get the job done. A million thanks.
- A.R.
Just wanted to say, "Thanks for everything!" You were awesome to have by my side during this whole process and made it so much easier - and possible. Even during my tired and stressed days you made it so much easier! I appreciate all you did!
- A.R.
My colleague moved here a couple of weeks ago and is currently renting an apartment. He would like to begin the process of house hunting and was looking for a recommendation for a good realtor. I, of course, told him how happy J and I were with you for all your help.
- J & N
I do absolutely love my house. It is going to be wonderful- I can't wait to move in and finally have a permanent place to call home. You are wonderful. Thanks for making this happen.
- C.M.
Just wishing you a Happy Mother's Day. Although you are way too young to be my mother, you have definitely helped take care of me through all the house hunting, and I appreciate it!
- C.D.
You go above and beyond your standard Realtor duties! Thank you for all you've done-buying, selling and "settling". We would have been lost without you!
- A.G.
We wanted to thank you for all the hard work that you did with our home purchase. You went above and beyond and we were so happy with everything you did to help us.
- S.G.
You are one of the GREATEST Realtors in Chapel Hill! I also appreciate how you've taken an extra special interest with one of my customers. You have a big heart!
- L.D.
We want to thank you for helping us get this house. We absolutely love it! :)
- A & B
Please let your boss know that we are impressed with your attention to detail and representation for the buyer (even though we are the sellers). We appreciate dealing with professionals.
- J.R.
Thanks so much for all your help finding our new home. We love it! Thanks again for everything.
- K.S.
I must admit, I can’t imagine there is a better Realtor out there- you are wonderful. Thank you!
- C.M.
In addition to the many thanks we owe you for being such a truly great Realtor, just a small note of thanks for helping us get the paint job started. See you soon.
- P & S
I want to say thank you for everything you did for me in the move to NC.
- L.B.